UNIBLOXS is a low cost modular framework system for vehicles from 0,5 to 4,5 tonnes gross weight.


Simple production concept.

The UNIBLOXS framework system is optimized on simple manufacturing processes that are available around the globe. Instead of expensive high-tech materials the UNIBLOXS System uses standardized steel and sheet metal blanks. New joining techniques and an intelligent arrangement save up to 50% of the weight of usual build structures.


Low tec and scalable.

The entire frameworks is customizable to any weight and load requirements without changes in construction. This just saves time in the development of vehicle families or vehicle series in different market segments (M1, N1).  Various coating and surface treatments can be optional applied on the UNIBLOXS framework.


Modular and versatile.

The division of frame segments in individual modules requires a special joining which is available in the UNIBLOXS system. All joining techniques are possible without large mechanization or equipment. A pre-assembly of frame segments can even be done without further tools. The patented UNIBLOXS System uses self-developed centering bushings for the assembly of the modules.