Design ist not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

Awarded vehicle design and conceptions.

Unique power of our design department: the exterior and interior vehicle design of UNIQUECO for the MIKENO Multi-Purpose-Vehicle was awarded as Winner in the category Exterior Volume Brand. The award was handed over at the Mondial de l'Automobile in November 2014 Paris.


Design and development.

Already during the first scribble of the vehicle or of the project we are thinking of solutions and the finished product. To design, develop and build vehicles means that you have a life-long learning process, and the most diverse and contradictory goals have to be combined under one hat. This is just at the beginning of conception and idea to be taken into account. We know where the border with regard to the budget must be considered; where new developments are necessary, where we use existing parts.


Styling and prototyping.

Our Stylists interpret the functional aspect of design, creating shapes, forms and volumes. All our design is not also implicitly a technical solution, aimed at devising cars that can be mass produced.

Starting with the customer’s brief, styling research we prepare freehand sketches and drafts both for the interiors and exteriors. This continues with the development of 3D proposals using software such as ALIAS, ICEM and MAYA; these three-dimensional virtual models are used to directly produce the styling models by means of numerical control millers that process the virtual surface data through CAM applications- To allow the best design solutions to be studied, the models are produced with different materials: styrofoam, epowood or special resins.


3D and Visualization.

We are using highly sophisticated visualization software. This allows a complete aesthetic research project to be developed and the results presented to the customer in just a few weeks. The results achieved in this way provide customers with evaluation criteria similar to those offered by a view of a three dimensional model. We provide special 3D data - unique to our company - to every working group participant to work on the object projected. It is hence possible to comment on, manipulate, magnify, reduce, rotate, or modify the views, change the colours of surfaces, the setting and the finish features. The technologists can visually assess the engineering development results at the same time as the styling evolution is ongoing.

Exterior Design Samples

No difference if it's a complete new vehicle design oder facelift: UNIQUECO is using world-class software to develop and visualize new design ideas.

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Interior Design Samples

We are specialist in vehicle seating and plastic interior parts. Find out more about our work in some interior design samples we are able to show.

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Other Design Samples

Sometimes there are projects totally different to our normal work for major OEM's. There is always space for good design in any project.

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