Independent development and
automotive solutions for our customers since 2009.

UNIQUECO is developing innovative vehicle and mobility concepts starting from the first product idea through to realization in series production. In addition, UNIQUECO is designing automotive business models including business plan and marketing. The implementation is carried out either on site or at our customers location.

UNIQUECO is an independent service provider, and conducts research, information, advice and testing up to homologation as available services. With our experienced employee team and the contact to the "Leading Suppliers of the world" we ensure for an optimum supply chain in the automotive industry. Our customers benefit from our know-how and new technologies without every time "reinventing the wheel" again. UNIQUECO is internationally established and is used when in-house developments falter, homologation is running of the rudder or suppliers not deliver in the way you like it.

Automotive consulting and services



We are your partner for the successful project development; whether it is parts, assemblies, or whole vehicles. We refer to search for suppliers in the conceptual design phase a or advise you up to production optimization or planning of their fabrication. We create manufacturing and engineering suitable for models. We set tolerances, taking into account the properties of all used materials. We conducts test and certification and coordinate all components.


Project Management

We plan and organize complex projects including prototyping, parts supply and vehicle services. We work on the timing of projects and take care of the introduction of standards. We are an experienced partner for all project phases, we live VDA, ISO, EC, MBST and other standards.
We have a own range of software products to assist in project management. There are several interfaces to existing automotive systems like SAP, TeamCenter.


Supplier Management

We find solutions, new suppliers and bring the matter competently to a conclusion. UNIQUECO has access to over 10,000 suppliers worldwide in databases, including over 2,000 supplier from the European markets. We have news and extensive knowledge of product specifications and technical facts as well as from the analysis of businesses, markets and countries by many years of expertise from us or our partners. Use this knowledge and expertise for your projects; before you decide which products / suppliers you want to use for your projects.


Component sales

We at UNIQUECO understand the global supply chain and existing vehicle ranges as a large department store, from which you can take al available parts for automotive projects. The old saying: "You must not reinvent the wheel" has a special importance in that: Outsourcing at any price is not asked, rather the intelligent design of automotive projects and the selective retrieval of suppliers. We give you access to two major worldwide OEM's and their parts.



The homologation is for all vehicle manufacturers a major challenge, whether you are in L7e, M1 or N1 vehicle class: The directives are often so complex and on the international markets so different that the technical implementation for the vehicles requires extensive and forward-looking plans. UNIQUECO advises, checks, and supports you in the certification process. We build bridges to examination institutes and the certification authorities: with the highest legal certainty and the fastest way for the project. We support CCC, EC and FMVSS standards.


Recruitment consultant

We offer the full range of recruitment services. Our extensive database means that our clients can access high quality, pre-screened personnel from across the entire automotive sector. If you don’t find what you need from our own database, we advertise the role using various print and electronic platforms, managing the responses on your behalf. Once we identify suitable candidates, we manage the reference, criminal record and credit checking process, providing supporting documentation as required. We are also able to provide motor trade placement guarantees. Once the candidate is placed we conduct follow up service and performance evaluations.